Engineering extension-create

My main code project is extension-create. I want a CLI tool to help me build cross-browser extensions with no build configuration. I want to use TypeScript, webpack, React, without thing about config. And I also want a tool to ship to all major browsers without overthinking too.

extension-create CLI example

If you think you or your company can benefit from the project, consider sponsoring me on GitHub.

Writing The Browser Extension book

Browser extensions are great but unknown for most people. They are not taught in code camps, schools, universities, anywhere. The Browser Extension Book plans to fix that knowledge gap. The goal is to be a complete but exciting guide for all looking to create extensions.

Best part? It’s free!

The book is far from finished, but you can follow up with my progress weekly using the form above. I report weekly by email what is happening with me and my near-future plans.

Sharing knowledge and information on Quora

I’m a Quora (PT) Top Writer writing mostly about computer programming, software engineering, web development, and JavaScript. I also maintain two Spaces dedicated to sharing posts on programming and politics. Click here if you read Portuguese or want to see my profile there anyway.


I love recording videos and talking about programming, leading me to have a YouTube channel (in Portuguese) dedicated to programming and sharing my experience as a professional software engineer.

Here’s the thank you video I made for my Quora space on programming. Currently with 7k+ of very cool, engaging people.

Open source

Due to extension-create I often need to create third-party modules to prevent myself from drowning in feature-hell. See my npm profile for stuff I’m doing or follow me on Twitter which is where I do my shameless propaganda first ;)