Who is Cezar Augusto?

Building for the builders™

I’m Cezar Augusto. An engineer at Brave working on the desktop core.

Most people never ask. And that’s what separates the people who do things from the people that just dream about them - Steve Jobs


  • Nespresso
  • Performance
  • Browser networking/architecture
  • Tooling
  • AppSec
  • React and its ecosystem
  • Web Standards/Platform technologies

I have a builder mentality and like to build things so people can feel empowered and ready to make the real job done. I coined the term building for the builders as a quick answer to what I really like to do.

Some history

I started getting interested in programming back in 2001 after seeing a friend playing with Visual Basic inside MSExcel. Soon after I discovered that you could build for the internet and discovered what I’m passionate about. This was kept as a hobby for the next 11 years until I started doing it professionally. Before working on the web I worked as an Inteligence Analyst and prior to that as an Army Paratrooper.


I sporadically give talks in topics that I’m interested, being them web platform tech as a whole, web performance and privacy issues.

If you want me to present or speak at your event send me a message via . You can also reach me over Twitter though I’m not as responsive as the email option.

Location 🇧🇷

I’m based in the southeast of Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.